Crawler Drilling Machine|Mainly Used For Rock Slope Support And Quarry Blasting

It needs to be matched with diesel air compressor.
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Crawler Drilling Machine|Mainly used for rock slope support and quarry blasting

Description of Hydraulic DTH Drill:

ZT100A/130/150/153 crawler type hydraulic DTH drilling rig

1. depth: level 60m down 30m, hole diameter 80~130mm;
2. steel crawler mounted, suitable for any place, especially rugged and muddy places;
3. low air consumption, high efficiency, simple operation;
4. drill rod rack adopts folding type, avoid repeated disassembly during transit;
5. it is mainly used for open mining, highway, power station construction, slope drilling, soil nail drilling etc;

Product parameters of hydraulic dth drill rig :


Application of Pneumatic crawler drill:

Hydraulic crawler drill machine is mainly used in open-pit mining, hydro power engineering and road engineering rock drilling.

The rig is suitable for drilling equipment in multi angle drilling, with various drilling methods, all kinds of strata and complicated conditions have great adaptability, which can effectively solve the problem of covering strata, in loose gravel, broken rock difficult hole drilling formation problem.

FAQ of Pneumatic crawler drill:

Pneumatic crawler drill