DTH Hammer For Down The Hole

DTH Hammer For Down The Hole

Application scope:
1.mines, quarries and road engineering drilling blasting hole
2.landslide protection, dam reinforcement, anchorage engineering hole
3.ground source air conditioning, hydrology, water hole etc.
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Product Details

Description of DTH hammer:


Drilling dia (mm)Φ152-305Hammer Length (mm)1450External Dia (mm)Φ136Weight (kg)126Working Pressure
Air consuption m³/min8.5-25Torque
822Impact Frequency820-1475connection Thread
/ bit
connection Thread / RodAPI 3 1/2" REGBit size152/165/178/194/203/216/230/254/305


Product features:

QCG high pressure DTH hammer has the advantages of fast action, large impact power, less gas consumption, long life and so on. Widely used in geotechnical engineering to create all kinds of hard, hard, poor drillability of rock tenacity, its features are as follows:
1 the impactor design has strong blower system, high pressure gas can be all used for slag discharge, make Kong Di cleaning; the wear jackets hardening tube can be a U-turn, so you can extend the period of replacement.
2 design of adjustable gas plug, according to rock hardness and abrasion resistance, can discharge gas drilling different adjustment, in order to achieve the best effect of slag, so as to achieve the highest efficiency;
3 simple structure, few parts, plus the use of wear-resistant parts, the impact of the working time longer;
4 before the joint using a multi thread and the outer cylinder connection, the impact of the removal of the drill bit easier.

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