Rock Drilling And Crushing Dual-purpose Internal Combustion Rock Drill

Rock Drilling And Crushing Dual-purpose Internal Combustion Rock Drill

Features of the internal combustion rock drill: 1. It is composed of a small gasoline engine, a compressor and a rock drill; 2. The compressed air produced by itself blows the rock powder in the blasthole; 3. Small weight, easy to carry, suitable for areas with high mountains, no power supply, no wind pressure equipment, and large mobility areas; 4. Vertical horizontal rock drilling;
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Internal combustion rock drill has two functions of rock drilling and crushing

Rock drills are tools used to directly mine stone. It drills blastholes on the rock formations to place explosives or rock splitters to split the rock to complete the mining of stone or other stonework. In addition, the rock drill can also be used as a breaker to break down hard layers such as concrete.

The Parameters of Interenal Combustion Rock Drill:

internal combustion rock drill 000

rock drill machine

The details of Internal Combustion Rock Drill:

Internal Combustion Rock drill  Internal Cobbustion Rock Drill

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