Electric DTH Drill|15 Meter Depth Electric Driven DTH Drill Rock Drill Machine

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Product Details

Electric DTH Drill|15 meter depth  electric driven DTH drill Rock drill machine

Product description:

QD-100 Electric DTH Drill/ is a new, efficient and semi-mechanized advanced rock drilling equipment designed by our own factory.

Products use:

Portable DTH Drill Widely applicable to mining, water conservancy, highway, construction, blasting and other projects, the host can be directly water injection operations, blast hole drilling machine particularly suitable for drilling when the soil tunneling, can replace ordinary stones.

Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig

















Product parameters:





Air pressure


Drilling diameter


Motor Power


Drilling direction


Hose Diameter


Drilling depth


 Cylinder advance stroke


Q100 Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig Note:

Opening, the first start the motor, to be transferred after the normal operation of the handle to pull the handle. So that it gets the appropriate propulsion, and then pull the handle to control the impactor to the working position. After drilling, you can open the water valve, so that gas and water mixture to maintain a proper ratio. The normal Electric DTH Drill  work. When the pushing work moves the lever to contact with the holder, a drill pipe is drilled. To stop the motor running and stop the blower to send air, water, the fork inserted into the drill holder drill groove, the motor reversing slide back, so that the joint and the drill pipe disconnected, then the second drill pipe, press Here you cycle to work continuously.

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