Hand Held Rock Drill For Splitting, Blast And Grouting

Features of hand hnd held rock drill: Light weight with high impact. Low air consumption. Can drill up to 20’ with 50mm drilling diameter. Components are made from alloy steel with correct heat treatment
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Description of hand held rock drill:

Hand held rock drills are skilfully designed and made to precision, it helps to maintain constant drilling speed throughout a long working life. Hand held rock drill is designed to fight the hardest materials created by nature-rock & ore, that is why it is widely used in granite and marble industries.

This lightweight tool is designed for drilling blast, anchor and rock-splitting holes. Used for example by contractors, armies and utilities who want convenient and effi cient drilling without large compressors. With standard integral steel, it drills diameters.

hand held rock drill

Hand held rock drill

Working principle of hand held rock drill

The rock drill works according to the principle of impact crushing. When working, the piston makes high-frequency reciprocating motion and constantly impacts the brazing tail. Under the action of the impact force, the tip-wedge head crushes the rock and drills it to a certain depth to form a dent. After the piston is retracted, the brazed turns a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and when it hits the braze again, a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped rock between the two dents is cut by the horizontal force generated by the bit. The piston constantly impacts the brazing tail, and continuously inputs compressed air or pressure water from the center hole of the brazing material to discharge the rock slag out of the hole, that is, to form a circular hole with a certain depth.

Operating usage of handheld rock drill:

1. Inspect the integrity and rotation of various components (including rock drills, supports, or rigs) before drilling, add necessary lubricants, check the air passages, check for smooth waterways, and ensure that all connections are secure.

2. Knocking around the work surface to ask the top, that is, check the roof near the work surface and whether there are live stones and boulder in the two groups and make necessary treatment.

3. The position of the borehole in the formation of the working face must be prior to the formation of rock to prevent slippage or shifting of the borehole.

4. It is forbidden to dry the eyes. We must adhere to wet rock drilling. We must first open the water, then open the air after the operation, close the wind when the drill is stopped, and then turn off the water. When you open your eyes, run at a low speed first, then drill at a certain depth and then drill at full speed.

5. When drilling, drill personnel are not allowed to wear gloves.

6. When using gas legs to drill holes, pay attention to the standing position and position. Never rely on the body to pressurize, nor can you stand under the drill rod in front of the rock drill to prevent brazing.

7. When abnormal sound is found in rock drilling, when the water discharge from the powder is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the inspection and find out the reasons and eliminate them before drilling.

8. When exiting the rock drill or replacing the drill rod, the rock drill can run slowly. Pay attention to the position of the rock drill's steel drill to prevent the drill rod from falling off and hurting people, and close the air circuit in time.

9. When using a gas leg type rock drill to drill rock, it is imperative that the top be practically topped to prevent the top from slipping and hurting people.

10. When using the upward rock drill to shrink the bracket, it is necessary to hold the drill rod to prevent the drill rod from falling automatically.

Handheld rock drill

Handheld rock drill

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