Handheld Internal Combustion Rock Drill

The features of Internal Combustion Rock Drill:
1. Widely used in mining, road construction, quarrying, national defense projects, etc., with functions such as perforation, splitting, crushing, compaction, and chiseling;
2. Applicable to areas with high mountains, no power supply, no wind pressure equipment and temporary projects with large mobility;
3. When drilling holes in the rock, it can be vertically downwards and horizontally upwards, and the drilling can reach 6m;
4. It can work normally at -40°-40° temperature;
5. Convenient operation, saving time and effort, only need to move the handle,can start work.

Product Details

The internal combustion type rock drill has various functions such as mining and drilling, cement pavement, tarmac and other cracking and breaking.

Internal combustion rock drill is easy to operate, high efficiency and strong applicability

1. With a 1.14L fuel tank, one-button flameout, humanized armrests, make work easier,

2. It adopts high-precision mold pouring and integrated molding to ensure high-strength operation, stable, reliable and non-deformation.

3. The internal combustion rock drill has reached a high level of similar products and can be interchanged with similar parts of the international similar products. Moreover, the internal combustion rock drills produced in China have been exported to the United States, France, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Many countries, such as Iran, are inexpensive and well received     Internal combustion rock drill    internal combustion rock drill

Internal combusrion rock drill

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