Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig Machine

1.full hydraulic control, instrument display, shaving convenient and flexible, greatly improving the efficiency and meet the needs of customers.
2 gripper can be broken from the lake bolt and casing, reducing the labor intensity of workers, poles demolition efficiency.
3 Clamping cylinder The plug is adjustable to use the Φ 60mm anchor, front and rear grippers.
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Description of anchor drilling rig drilling machine:

 1. Hydraulic anchor Drilling Rig is a kind of full hydraulic power head crawler drilling rig. Its drilling depth is 100-140m, and drilling diameter150-250mm.

2. The drilling mainly for anchoring and jet-grouting, which is designed and produced by Jiangsu Wuxi Mineral Exploration Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd. It is mainly applied in drilling work of the anchoring hole of high buildings deep basement foundation, and also used in drilling the drain hole. It can be also used for foundation pit,the blast hole,the anti-floating anchoring hole .

3. The route of shaft bracket is 3.4 meters, so the 135D crawler anchor drilling rig can have complex rod & casing drill for 3 meters. The rig is applicable to rod boring, casing drilling and complex rod & casing drilling.

4. It can be used for jet grouting, which is applicable to single jet grouting, double jet grouting and triple jet grouting.

5. The hydraulic clamp & wrench device enormously decreases the assistant time and also reduces the intensity of operating work.

6.Based on different stratums,we can adjust torque and rotary speed of drilling rig to increase the rig adaptability.


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Parameters of Hydraulic anchor Drilling Rig Machine:

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Hydraulic anchor Drilling Rig Machine