Hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine|Air Compression Open-air DTH Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine|Air Compression Open-air DTH Drilling Rig

1 A six-cylinder diesel engine provides power for two systems, compact structure, good overall, easy to move. 2 Drilling rig equipped with the core knowledge of single-stage compression high-pressure screw head, the application of the world's leading Tom Y-shaped lines, large flow (13m³ / min), high pressure (1.7MPa). 3 provides high-pressure pneumatic impactor power, rock drilling speed than the stroke of the drilling rig 20% -50%.
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Hydraulic crawler drill machine|Air Compression open-air DTH drilling rig

"Zhongtuo" brand ZT5-type open-air DTH drilling rig is an advanced drilling equipment that integrates the downhole drilling system and the screw air compression system. It has compact structure, good integrity and easy movement. The drill has energy-saving efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, flexible, easy to operate, stable performance and so on. Specific performance is as follows:

1, large displacement hydraulic pump installed directly on the engine after the take-off port, simple structure to reduce the source of the fault.

2, large-scale luffing boom system to meet the needs of different working conditions in various conditions, in particular, can play low horizontal hole.

3, highly integrated hydraulic control system and layout of the centralized operating platform, a station can freely manipulate the entire machine.

4, the drilling rig configuration rotary speed control valve, according to different characteristics of the rock being drilled and different conditions, can be adjusted in time, drilling speed, high porosity.

5, the machine is equipped with real-time monitoring system and a stable self-protection system, can accurately reflect and control the working status of the drilling car, beyond the set range and failure can automaticallyshut down.

Efficient two-stage dry dust collection system, greatly improving the working environment, in line with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

ZT5 integral type latent open hole drill technical parameters

Rock drilling hardness


Drilling diameter  mm


Economic bore depth  m


Walking speed   Km/h




Ground clearance mm


Total power kW


diesel engine

Yuchai  YC6A180Z-T21

Screw compressor displacement   m3/min


Screw air compressor exhaust pressure  bar


Overall dimensions       (L × W × H)mm


Weight                     Kg


Rotary rotational speed      r/min


Rotating torque              N*m


The biggest push pull          N


Lifting boom angle

upward54°    downward26°

The carriage pitch angle


Carriage swing angle

Right47°  left47°

Lateral horizontal swing angle of the carriage

Right15°  left97°

Drill arm swing angle

Right53°  left15°

Frame leveling angle

upward10°   downward9°

Drive the length once           mm


Compensation length            mm




Drill pipe

φ64×3000 mm

Dust capture methods

Dry (hydraulically driven cyclone laminar flow)

hydraulic dth drill rig.jpg

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