Hydraulic Dth Drill Rig|Full Hydraulic Open Drilling Drilling Rig

1 low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor drive rotary device output torque required for drilling operations. 2 with the cylinder to promote, so that more stable propulsion, failure rate than the motor propulsion significantly reduced. 3 two-stage filter device to effectively ensure the safety of diesel engines to extend the life of diesel engines. 4 can monitor the hydraulic system pressure and push the pressure at any time to ensure that the rig stable and efficient operation. Thoughtful service to win the trust of customers.
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Hydraulic dth drill rig|Full hydraulic open drilling drilling rig

1, new propulsion system

use hydro-cyclinder chain pully propulsion system, compact structure, big lifting force and stablity.


2, centralized controls system

 It features advanced hydraulic system and air way system, All moves are centralized controlled, easy and convenience.

 Conducting hydraulic valve to realize different moves of drill arm, guarantee drilling rig stable and high efficiency for Hydraulic dth drill rig.

 The special designed unidirection throttle valve in the hydraulic system can realize stepless speed regulating for rotating, to increase applicability for various rock layers and work efficiency.


3, reliable matched power

 Providing YC2108(33kw)  diesel engine for this drilling rig.

water tank and hydraulic oil radiator guarantees diesel and drilling rig hydraulic system operating safely and reliably.

Single connected gear pump provides driving force for propulsion system and rotating system respectively via diverter valve, The hydraulic system is more stalbe and reliable.


4, strong power head

 Slewing drive adopts planetary gear reductor and oscillating motor with foreign advanced technique. It moves stably with low speed and high torque.


5, diesel protection device

 Natural inhaling system combines of desert air filter, second air filter and oil filter to improve  the applicability for hostile environment and working life of diesel

The drilling rig uses clean air source from air compressor and disconnect the natural inhaling way of diesel.

Unidirection throttle valve can adjust and stablize air inflow of diesel.

air dryer can remove the water of air source of air compressor efficiently Hydraulic dth drill rig.


6,reliable four wheel and one belt

Integrated crawler belt installs conveniently with reliable performance.

care chain wheel, tensioner spring and turgor cylinder can guarantee suitable crawler belt tensioner degree.


7. According to customer`s options, we can install a dust collection device on the machine , to collect all the dust during drilling work and protect the environment and wokers from heavy drilling dust.

hydraulic crawler drill machine.png

    Technical parameter for ZTL100A:

rock hardnessf=6~20
bore diameter90~130mm
bore depth30m
hightest horizontal bore2.8m
lowest horizontal bore2.2m
crawler speed2.5km/h
climbing ability30o
rotating speed0~90r/min
max. rotating torque2300N·m
max. lifting force15,000N
propulsion stroke2m
compensation stroke900mm
working air pressure0.5~1.4Mpa
air consumption7~12M3/ min
ground clearance284mm
mast pitching angle0~97o
mast swing angleright 17o, left 32o
diesel power36,000W
overall dimension(transportation)4250 x 1980 x 2260mm
weight3.2 ton

hydraulic dth drill rig.png

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