Mine Construction Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig ZTD70/100120

Mine Construction Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig ZTD70/100120

1 aircraft structure is reasonable, the use of light. 2 auxiliary time is short, low cost characteristics. Leading the market, create the market, serve the market.
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Product Details

Mine Construction Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig ZTD70/100120

Product Description:

Zhongtuo down-the hole Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig series is a king of new model energy saving,high effcency rock drilling equipment.

It is widely used in big diameter blasthole rock drlling operation of mine, road,natioal defense,water coservancy, cubic rock projects and side slop handing.It is also a necessary rock drilling equipment in early mining in open mine.

It's especially suitable for rugged and accident areas where other down-the- hole drilling carriage can not work normaly.

This drilling rig features compact structure,easy handle,fast drilling speed ,high efficiency,good disassembling,easy to carry.

Product parameter:

Model Parameters ZTD100 drilling diameter 76-130mm
apply rock F=8-20 drilling depth 25m
drilling rotate speed 0-84r/min working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
air consumption 6m3/min cylinder diameter 140mm
propulsion stroke 1070-1120mm max propelled force 9600N
Pneumatic motor model TMY4 pneumatic motor power 4KW
rated speed 3200r/min drilling rod OD 50 or 60mm
drilling rod length 1025mm dimension 2230*380*550mm
weight 450kg Standard matched air compressor model 10m3/min,0.8Mpa

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product features:


Model ZTD70/100/120 for cutting hole drill is based on the highway, railway, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and mine construction, the early start of the road inconvenience, lifting transportation equipment can not be directly to the equipment shipped to the construction site, one of the most lightweight DTH Drill design features most pull shoulder to enter the. To minimize the weight of the host, but still can meet the needs of users to dig larger aperture deep hole. The utility model is suitable for slope anchoring, digging courtyards and ventilation holes, etc.. The utility model can also be used for underground mining.


(1) choose a 70/100/120 type dth. It has high drilling efficiency

(2) with compressed air as the driving force, the power is unitary.

(3) the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, short auxiliary time and light weight.

We are well-known as one of the leading drilling products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale our Model ZTD70/100/120 Pneumatic DTH Drill. Competitive price and good after-sale service are available in our factory.

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