MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter

Portable pneumatic roofbolte is a kind of operation by air pressure bolt drilling rig, is the important equipment in coal mine roadway excavation equipment, to improve the supporting effect, reduce cost, accelerate the driving speed, reduce the amount of auxiliary transportation, reduce labor intensity, has a very prominent superiority to improve the utilization of roadway section.

Product Details


MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter for the roof hardness f ≤ 10 coal, semi-coal road rock and rock roadway anchoring operations, set drilling, mixing, installation of a bolt and a. For coal mine underground support operations, but also for iron ore, tunnel construction and slope protection work.

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Parameters of MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter

MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter

MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter is widely used in roadways with rock hardness ≤ f8, and is especially suitable for bolt support operations in coal roadways. It can drill roof bolt holes and anchor cable holes, and it can also mix and install resin chemicals. For roadway bolts and cables, the bolt nuts can be installed and tightened at one time without other equipment to meet the requirements of anchoring pre-tightening force.

Product features of MQT130-2.8A Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter

(1) Small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

(2) Gear type air motor, stable operation and high reliability.

(3) FRP air leg design, safe explosion-proof and long service life.

(4) It can be rotated to drill inclined or straight holes, and when the motor is started, it can be stabilized at the set point.

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