Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter

1 small size, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance.
2 gear type pneumatic motor, stable operation, high reliability.
3 new glass steel gas legs design, safe explosion, longer service life.
Technical pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of service on the wholeheartedly
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Product Details

Description of pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter:

Due to different ways to break the rock different, in general, there are rotary rock drilling tools, impact Coal Mine Drill Rig Rock Bolt Drill and rotary impact rock drilling tools.

At present, the most commonly used coal mine drilling rig for the speed of single pneumatic drilling rig and rotary hydraulic drilling rig.

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Parameters of Rotary roof bolter:

Rotary roof bolter-11a.png

Pneumatic Rotary Roof Bolter-25a

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