Portable DTH Drill rigs for sale Worked With Air Compressor

Advantages of portable DTH drill:
DTH drill tools, fastest drilling rig for rocky areas, usually 3-5 min 1 meter.
1.Hydraulic arc welding generator:
driven by hydraulic power, independent control,more durable than driven by diesel engine:
5. Must be work with Air compressor, also can work with Mud Pump, strong adaptability
6. Can drill up to 200m with 105~203mm caliber in soft rock and rocky mountains, widely for
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Product Details

Description of Portable DTH Drill rigs for sale

Portable DTH Drill Widely applicable to mining, water conservancy, highway, construction, blasting and other projects, the host can be directly water injection operations, blast hole drilling machine particularly suitable for drilling when the soil tunneling, can replace ordinary stones.

portable DTH drill

First of all, do you have an idea of the drilling rig you are looking for? The following questions will help you to get suitable drilling machine for your business.

1. What kind of projects you will work for,Water well,Borehole,Exploration coring, FoundationPiling or others?

2. The Max. depth of drilling you hope to achieve?

3. The Min. and Max. hole diameter you estimate?
4. Condition of the environment, Soft ground like soil,mud,Hard ground like rocks or Mixed thesoft and hard layers?

The more details of your need are told from you, the better our engineers are able to recommend you the suitable models.

portable DTH drill

portable DTH drill

portable DTH drill

Safety precautions in the use of drilling rigs

1. When electric DTH Drilling Rig is parked or before the shot is fired, all switches should be in the “0” position and the power should be turned off.

2. Before the rig starts to work, the deputy driver should contact the supplier.

3. At night operation, sufficient lighting should be ensured around the rig. The

4. When the electric DTH Drilling Rig is connected to the unloading bar, no one is allowed to stay in front of the platform. Workers should wear safety helmets.

5. the belt should be worn when working on the carriage.

6. The rig operator must wear insulated shoes, and the charged cable must pay attention to safety. Do not put cables in water or on metal pipes.

7. The electric DTH Drilling Rig should be raised to a certain height when the rig moves. Pay attention to whether the drill pipe is coming off or not, and immediately stop and take measures if any.

8. The advance and retreat of the drilling rig, forward rotation and reverse rotation of the drilling rig must be reversed after the main drive motor and the slewing motor stop rotating, so as to avoid electrical and mechanical accidents.

9. check the cable for leakage. High pressure air pipe, joints are firm, to prevent injury.

10. in the adjustment of triplets, decompression valve buck, first open the main air vent valve, a little high pressure gas release, so as to avoid accidents. 

Parameters of Portable DTH Drill:





Air pressure


Drilling diameter


Motor Power


Drilling direction


Hose Diameter


Drilling depth


 Cylinder advance stroke


portable DTH drill

portable DTH drill

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