Wholesale Hydraulic Dth Drill Rig

Wholesale Hydraulic Dth Drill Rig

It has high climbing ability, strong adaptability to rough and uneven pavement, and good stability of rock drilling operation.
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Wholesale hydraulic dth drill rig

Introduction of Hydraulic DTH Drill:

The DTH drilling rig is the impact and crushing of the rock by the percussion device and the bit at the bottom of the subsurface. Therefore, it is called the DTH drilling rig. It is widely used in metal mines, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbour and national defense projects. DTH Drill in hard above (F = 8) in rock drilling. The price of pneumatic crawler drill is relatively cheap, especially for small and medium open pit mines.

Working principle of hydraulic dth drill rig:

The working principle of the down hole drill is similar to other drilling machines, such as impact, rotation, ballast and propulsion drilling process, and belongs to the impact rotary drilling. The difference is that the impactor of the DTH drilling rig is mounted on the front of the drill rod, diving into the bottom of the hole and advancing with the extension of the drill hole.

Characteristics of crawler drilling machine:

(1) the impact energy loss does not increase with the lengthening of the rod, and the deep hole of the large hole diameter can be drilled.

(2) the noise of the working face is greatly reduced.

(3)The drilling speed is fast, the degree of mechanization is high, and the time of auxiliary operation is few, and the operation rate of the drilling rig is improved.

(4) maneuverable and flexible;

The quality of drilling holes is high.

It can drill in hard or hard rock (F = 8).

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Safety operation rules for hydraulic crawler drill machine:

1., the operator must know the structure and working performance of the machine through technical training. He is familiar with the safety operation rules and maintenance rules of the DTH Drill, and can be operated alone if he passes the exam.

2. operating personnel should wear uniforms, wearing a helmet, women should be inserted into the cap.

3. the equipment should be withdrawn to the safe distance and cover the protection, and the comprehensive inspection should be carried out after the shooting.

4. when the wind and ice are over six or more, the sliding frame is not allowed. If you really need it, you must fasten your seat belt. It is strictly forbidden to ride on the rotary mechanism or slide frame.

5. if a long time is stopped, the impactor should be put out of the hole so as to avoid the hole collapse and blocking drilling tool.

6. when the mouth is working, it is forbidden to send wind to the impactor. When the drill is disassembled, the rotary and lifting mechanism should be closed in order to prevent the injury.

7. the cleaning, oil injection and repair work of the transmission part must be carried out in the state of shutdown.

8. should often check whether the pipe joint is fixed to prevent disjointed people. Maintenance of air supply system must be carried out in the wind stopped.

9. in the sliding frame, it is not allowed to stay and pass under the sliding frame.

10. the cable should not be soaked in water or put on the metal, the vehicle passes over the cable, and the wood board is isolated and protected to prevent the cable damage from leakage. Insulated gloves should be worn for placing or moving cables.

11. drilling operations, stop surface should be flat, when in the sloping ground when working on the track plate below the application of wedge block. Horizontal operation on the slope is prohibited.

12. night work, should be adequate lighting; if the lighting failure, should stop immediately, and cut off the work power, to be repaired and continue to work.