Y28 Hand Held Rock Driller

Advantages of Y28 hand held rock driller: 1.Durable With our handheld pneumatic equipment you get reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient solutions to your equipment needs. 2.Easy handling Turn the tool on and it feels like an extension of your arms, letting you focus on the job and not the tool. 3.Performance The power flows. The toughness is clear. It’s performance in the palm of your hand.
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Product Details

Introduction of Y28 hand held rock driller:

Underground rock drills – robust design

Y28 hand held rock driller is suitable for wet drilling in medium-hard rock or hard rock. Grouped control mechanism, quick to start up, with “air on”, “water on”, “air off”, “water off” function, convenient to handle and easy to maintain and repair.
Energy-saving and efficient, and all parts have a long service life, are interchangeable and offer reliable performance.

Y28 hand held rock driller cover all construction, tunnelling and mining applications in different rock formations. They are robust designed, with high impact energy and low air consumption. All of the rock drills have water flushing, rifle bar rotation and the pusher leg control is placed at the back head of the rock drill. An in-line lubricator is included in the delivery of each rock drill. Together with the appropriate pusher leg, the rock drill forms an attractive and cost effective drilling unit.

air leg rock drill-012

Fitting and removing the working drill

Surface rock drills – productive, reliable and economical for your application

Y28 hand held rock driller are suitable for all kinds of surface drilling. They are easy to use, reliable and can work with low air pressure from 4 bar and upwards. An inline lubricator is included in the delivery of the Y28 rock drill. Y26 has a built-in lubricator. Both types of rock drills are delivered with air flushing. When a light rock drill is needed, Y28 is a perfect choice for light construction, light quarrying and secondary blasting.

Rock Drill Jack Hammer-011.png

Parameters of Y28 hand held rock driller:

Y28 hand held rock driller-09

Y28 hand held rock driller-08