YT28 Long Leg Rock Drill

The YT28 air-leg rock drill is the most modern rock drill product. It adopts the design technology of modern rock drill. Compared with the same type of products, it has:
1. high efficiency,
2.low noise and weight,
3.Light, economical effect,
4. fast speed and other advantages
its superior performance, the most reliable and most efficient rock drilling machine, it is most suitable for rock drilling operations of large mines, medium-sized mines and tunnels, reflecting good domestic users even in the North Korean market Has reached 70% market share.
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Product Details

1.performance of pneumatic leg rock drill:

YT28 type pneumatic leg rock drill adopts gas-water linkage, rapid return of air leg, and air pressure adjustment. The control handle is concentrated with the handle body, the mechanism is novel and the operation is convenient. The sound-absorbing cover with the belt can effectively reduce the noise and change the exhaust direction at will, and improve the working conditions on the spot. Compared with the same type of rock drill: light weight, low noise, high efficiency and good economic effect. 

YT28 rock drill 0012  pneumatic rock drill

2.YT28 rock drill Use:

YT28 type pneumatic leg rock drill is widely used in mining, roadway driving and various rock drilling operations. It is an important tool in metallurgical, coal, railway, transportation, water conservancy, infrastructure and national defense stone works.

YT28 rock drill 005    YT28 rock drill 0013

3.parameters of YT28 rock drill:

Air leg length (mm)
Advance journey (mm)965
Cylinder bore (mm)65
Weight (kg)≈14.4
Dimensions (L*H*W)(mm)670*240*210
Piston stroke 60
Impact Energy≧0.63Mpa
Drilling speed ≥0.63Mpa
Air Consumption≤0.63Mpa
Air pipe Id(mm)25
Operating air pressure 0.63Mpa
Normal drilling diameter(mm)34-42
Operating Temperature(°c)-3~+50

4.About company:  

Company Profile:
Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an, China. It is the origin of the Belt and Road. Its business scope covers electrical and electronic, industrial equipment and parts, instrumentation, light industrial and daily necessities, manufacturing and processing machinery, metallurgy, minerals and energy, transportation, etc. . Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in high quality machinery and construction products in China for more than 20 years. Starting with small businesses, we are now one of the leading manufacturing suppliers in China's construction equipment industry.

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