A good grouting pump should have a large discharge capacity and adjustment range.

A good grouting pump should have a large discharge capacity adjustment range.

With the development of technology, new requirements have been put forward for grouting pumps. Our factory responds to the requirements of the vast number of customers and will make better use of technology, so that everyone can understand the power of technology more personally. The grouting pump developed by our factory is a kind of advanced technology of screw type high pressure pump. Easy operation and maintenance, no need for special training. Compact structure, flexible movement, etc., manual operation, no noise during work, safe and reliable; product performance quality has reached the international peer level, more optimized technology products, no pulse, high working pressure, large flow, high production efficiency. In the past, the grouting pump is easy to handle, and it will bring unexpected surprises to your construction.

I believe that many of our users will consider and carefully select the grouting pump when it is selected, because it can directly affect our future use and work efficiency. Perhaps users familiar with this type of product understand that it is necessary to choose a regular manufacturer and brand of products, so that we can better use the grout pump.

First of all, the grouting pump should have a larger range of slurry discharge adjustment, and the general grouting final amount and the grouting initial amount are about 8 to 10 times. The final amount of grouting is small, which proves that it is good to fill and compact. Secondly, it should have reliable pressure control capability, and it is preferable to have the ability to automatically adjust the amount of slurry as the pressure of the grouting pressure changes. Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable use. Because the slurry used in the grouting pump is prone to sedimentation and solidification, the grouting pump must ensure that it cannot be stopped in the middle of the grouting (preventive maintenance should be done before grouting). We hope that through the above, we can provide useful information for the users of the grouting pump. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us. We believe that our products are absolutely high quality, can meet your needs, the most important It is to bring you good benefits!

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