Application field of high pressure cement grouting machine

- Apr 22, 2019-

What are the application fields of high pressure cement grouting machines? High-pressure cement grouting machine is widely used in underground man-made defense, caverns, pump rooms, pools, dam ramps, rock foundations, cable trenches, etc. to block water, trap, prevent penetration, in the pool, sewage pool expansion joints, broken cracks, Waterproof plugging of joint seams, waterproof plugging of basement, waterproof plugging of underground engineering civil air defense works, plugging of caisson, anti-seepage and plugging of elevator shaft, waterproof plugging of culvert, highway tunnel, railway tunnel, bridge tunnel waterproof plugging project, etc. . The application fields of high pressure cement grouting machines are as follows:

1. Road tunnel, railway tunnel, subway tunnel project plugging, construction joint, settlement joint, expansion joint, water leakage at the bottom of the pool.

2, basement plugging, underground infrastructure construction, subway engineering, wine pool, swimming pool, civil air defense works, sewage treatment tanks, basement plugging and other concrete structures leaking water plugging construction.

3, mine plugging, elevator shaft plugging, wellbore waterproof plugging, roadway plugging, basement, underground garage, cable trench, underground passage, thermal pipeline, foundation pit, culvert, elevator shaft and other underground engineering seepage and plugging construction .

4. Reservoirs, storage tanks, acid-base pools, biochemical pools, pools, wine tanks, cable trenches, cable passages, mine passages, elevator shafts, foundation pits, construction joints, leakage leaks, basement plugging engineering belts Water work construction.

5. Concrete structure, cooling tower cooling tower circulation channel, pipeline, sewage treatment tank project leakage treatment and plugging construction.

6. Docking, culvert plugging, caisson plugging, pump house plugging, dam plugging, bridge deck, roofing, tunnel, water intake and drainage engineering leakage seepage control and plugging construction.

7. Grouting of reservoir dam body of water conservancy project, plugging of leakage of water conveyance tunnel, anti-seepage, anti-seepage and plugging construction of concrete crack of dam body.

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