Cement Concrete Spraying Rotor Shotcrete Equipment

 Cement Concrete Spraying Rotor Shotcrete Equipment


Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-technology, modern enterprise has been established more than 20years, professionally engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of mining equipments and other Construction Equipment, pumping and spraying.


The shotcrete machine is a new type of high-efficiency shotcrete machine, which is mainly suitable for the shotcrete operation of concrete in the 5m * 5m section roadway. The equipment uses a concrete pump to transport concrete to the nozzle of the manipulator through a pipeline, and uses compressed air with a accelerator to spray the concrete onto the wall surface of the sprayed tunnel. It has reasonable structure, humanized design, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. No dust, low noise and low rebound rate when working.




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Applications Of Dry shotcrete machine: 

1. Used for dry mix concrete spraying operation. 
2. Shotcrete for Civil Underground Foundation, Express-Way Construction, Railway Construction; 
3. Shotcrete for building surface; 
4. Shotcrete for Tunneling, Mining, Hydropower Project; 
5. Shotcrete for Slope Stabilization. 
For example, build up the swimming pool. 


Common Wearing Parts including:
Upper sealing plate, Lower sealing plate, Rotor Steel Plat, Rubber Elbow, Taper sleeve, Rubber Chamber, Spraying Nozzle, Convey Hose