Common fault treatment-pheumatic cement pump

Common fault treatment

Phenomenon 1 No starching, cylinder barrel is burning, hands can not touch cylinder barrel for a long time

1) Check whether there is air leakage place at the slurry injection pipeline and joint

2) Pull rod, Strike tightly seal cover clockwise at the packing place and guarantee it doesn’t leak slurry or air.

3) Check slurry injection and drainage group valve, use special spanner or pipe vice to separate group valve, clean valve seat and valve ball, and wipe off foreign body. Please exchange in case of damage.

Phenomenon 2 Cylinder doesnt work.

1) Check whether silencer is clogged and clean the silencer

2) Remove calm valve. Exchange the calm valve in case that push rod can not reset with the spring force. Check whether pneumatic control valve is normal in case that push rod can reset with the spring force.