How much do you know about the Hydraulic Piston rock Splitter?

- May 30, 2019-

How much do you know about the Hydraulic Piston rock Splitter?

Plunger hydraulic splitting machine: also called rock splitter, rock splitter, consisting of two parts: hydraulic pump station and split rod (one pump station can be equipped with 6 split rods), ultra high pressure oil output from pump station The driving cylinder generates a large driving force, and after the hydraulic piston is extended, the rock can be cracked in a predetermined direction, and the physical compressive strength of the rock is utilized to greatly influence the physical and mechanical properties of the tensile strength.

South Korea produced and used it in the 1990s. It was introduced to Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong and other places around 2010. The diameter of the hydraulic rod in Korea was very large at that time. The diameter of the hole is generally around 10.5 cm, and the degree of automation and stability are quite high. High, this is difficult for domestic manufacturers to achieve later. (The larger the diameter of the hydraulic rod, the stronger the technical strength, because it is not as simple as making the iron bigger, and it is a world-class problem to ensure the stability of the system and the rapid improvement of the pressure while ensuring the stability of the whole system.)

The rock crack formed by the force of one of the six hydraulic rods at a time must be better than the wedge type (6). This principle is very easy to understand. At that time, the hydraulic rods were each about a few tens of kilograms, and they could be manually inserted and extracted from the rock holes. This is as convenient as the splitting gun (5), but the plunger type hydraulic rods have a larger diameter and strength. And the effect is also better, which forms an important factor that the plunger type (7) can surpass the wedge type (6). In addition, this technical principle is more stable, and there is no fatal disadvantage that the wedge group is easily deformed and broken.

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In just a few years, there are many domestic production equipments. The diameter of the cracking rod is mostly 9 cm or 11 cm. It is difficult to surpass Korea in both strength and quality. It is easy to leak oil, damage or poor effect. Until 2014, Chongqing Jingfeng Company launched a hydraulic rod with a diameter of 18 cm, which surpassed the strength and effect. (The increase of the diameter of the hydraulic rod and the diameter of the borehole is a major breakthrough in technology. Because the increase of the hydraulic rod requires a complete set of pressure systems to match, it is remarkable to be able to support the large-diameter hydraulic rod with hydraulic ultra-high pressure.)

In 2015, the “Static Explosion Super Rock Splitter” revolutionized the technical standards in this field. The diameter of the drill hole reached 25 cm, and the single hydraulic rod weighed 700 kg (need to be hoisted and extracted by the excavator). With a pressure of more than 150Mpa and a splitting force of over 10,000 tons, this large hydraulic splitting machine has changed the perception that the production of splitting machines is not high at any time. It is an innovative product with independent intellectual property rights.

Usually, the splitting machines that everyone knows and sees are basically hand-held manual operations. This small splitting machine is not only small in strength, low in output, poor in effect on hard rock or ineffective (the crack is shallow and the bottom will be slanted outwards) It is often easy to damage, so it has not been used and popularized for so many years. (Guangdong and Shandong are small-sized splitting machines that started selling in China earlier, but the locals are basically used by no one, and they all sell in other places. The reason can be imagined)

After more than two years and more than one million cubic meters of different rock constructions, the "Static Explosion Super Rock Splitter" completely solved the shortcomings of poor stability and high failure rate of domestic rock splitting equipment. (Only if I use it repeatedly every day, I will continue to solve various problems.) I am definitely surpassing all the cracking equipment on the market.