grout pump for filling Hollow Concrete Block

Filling Hollow Concrete Block

Some commercial construction uses hollow concrete blocks (a.k.a. cinder blocks, breeze blocks, or CMU blocks/CMUs), and all structures built in this way require that the spaces between wall sections (where walls intersect) be filled with grout. In most cases, it is also required that 2-3 courses of concrete block on all sides of any door or window be filled with grout for added security and structural strength. Some construction projects require that all hollow concrete blocks be completely filled, floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Kenrich Products’ heavy duty grout pumps are ideal for filling cinder blocks with grout. They are small enough to fit into relatively small spaces and light enough to be hoisted up onto scaffolding and elevated platforms to reach upper levels. Manual or pneumatic operation makes pumping grout easy in any location.



General Void Filling

 “General void-filling” is a catchall term for any application that requires a solid fill with no hollow spots and doesn’t require high pressure. Common general void fill operations include pumping grout around manhole cover rings and under sidewalks to prevent settling or sinking.

Our low-pressure heavy duty grout pumps produce roughly 15 lbs. of pressure per square inch. Kenrich Products grout pumps are also versatile and portable. They're the perfect solution for general void filling operations. 

Filling Under Machine Bed Plates

A machine bed plate is, generally, a thick metal plate that goes underneath a piece of precision machinery to provide a stable, level surface. This bed plate must be carefully installed and leveled to ensure proper calibration and operation of the machine itself—most high precision equipment cannot tolerate being out of level.

Once the bed plate is in place and leveled, grout is pumped in under the plate to fill any open space(s) between the plate and the floor of the facility. Even a small void beneath the machine bed plate may lead to undue vibration and shifting of the surface, which will throw the machine off level. A 100% grout fill is the best and most effective way to prevent vibration, shifting, etc.

Kenrich heavy duty grout pumps are ideal for pumping grout under machine bed plates. They are small and light enough to maneuver into various locations on and around a bed plate, to ensure a complete fill. Our hand-operated models can be used almost anywhere, even if no electricity or air power is available.