How does a dry mix shotcrete machine work?

- Aug 07, 2020-

What is the working principle of the PZ-5 concrete dry mix shotcrete machine? What are the technical advantages?

The PZ-5D concrete dry shotcrete machine is an equipment used for spraying concrete. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. PZ-5 concrete dry shotcreting machine is mainly used in engineering construction in railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine tunnels, military facilities, various underground constructions and emergency rescues.

  PZ-5 concrete dry shotcrete machine working principle
The mixed materials are discharged into the vibrating hopper from the discharging port of the batching mixer (or manual mixing and feeding), and fed into the hopper of the shotcrete machine through the screen, and injected into the straight-through cavity of the rotor by the shifter. As the rotor rotates to the discharge port, the compressed air in the air chamber blows the material into the cyclone. Here, another wind is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown, accelerated, rotated, floated, and enters the feeding pipe in a multi-head wind spiral state, and then reaches the nozzle and adds a small amount of supplementary water to spray out.

How does a shotcrete machine work

   PZ-5 concrete dry mix shotcrete machine technical advantages
Straight-through rotor type non-adhesive material cavity, smooth discharge, high efficiency and time saving.
Four-point elastic compensation clamping, good sealing effect, less dust around the machine, and long service life of wearing parts.
Adopting low-pressure and high-speed vortex air conveying to overcome the problems of adhesion, pipe blockage and pulse separation during material conveying, and the material flow is uniform and continuous and stable.
New sprinkler, discharge elbow device, improve spraying effect, less rebound, and high spray quality.
The chassis can be assembled into tire type, skid type and rail wheel type of various gauges.
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