How does a DTH hammer drill work?

DTH hammers are primarily percussion tools and penetrate more by shattering materials than by tearing it. The same air which passes through the hammer causing the piston to reciprocateand strike the bit also serves to expel cuttings from the bore hole and therefore maximumutilisation of the air is achieved.


It is also known as pneumatic impactor, pneumatic DTH hammer. Zhongtuo is a professional supplier of DTH drill and it's accessories, contact A power tool at the bottom of a hole that uses compressed air as the power medium and uses the energy of the compressed air to generate continuous impact loads. Compressed air can also be used as a pore washing medium. Pneumatic impactors are divided into high air pressure and low air pressure, valve type and valveless type. Generally, the pneumatic impactor is directly connected with the cemented carbide column tooth bit to crush the rock in an impact mode, and the low-speed rotation does not coring for full drilling. Mainly used in hydrological and water well drilling, coreless geological drilling, geological disaster prevention and control engineering, and mine rock drilling. DTH hammer is suitable for application in gravel and hard rock formations, and drill bits with special structure can also be used in soft soil formations.