How to choose the sprayer equipment?

Dry Cement spraying machine

1. Is the technology and process mature?

Shaanxi Zhongtuo has rich experience in production and has a large production plant area. It also introduces foreign technology and production technology when producing shotcrete machine equipment, so that the technology and process can reach a relatively proficient situation, thus ensuring the quality of the shotcrete machine equipment. To some extent, the production efficiency has been improved.

2, equipment accessories are wear-resistant

The quality of the materials used in the production of shotcrete machine has a great impact on the quality of the equipment. The quality of the equipment produced by the high-quality wear-resistant parts is guaranteed. The equipment is stable during operation, no failure, and long service life. Good quality.

3. Is the equipment model complete?

Different equipment models are suitable for different engineering details. Whether the model of the equipment produced by the manufacturer is complete can be seen from the strength of this manufacturer, and now the competition in the market is fierce, and the manufacturers with strong strength and affordable price can have a foothold in the market. Ground, the model is more complete manufacturers are available

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