How to remove a thick slab of concrete when using rock splitters

How to remove a thick slab of concrete when using hydraulic rock splitters

To remove a thick slab of concrete. It is recommended that holes be driled completely through the slab. These holes can be used again to make deeper breaks. The first split will follow Line(A),the second Line(B),and the third line(C). After the top is clear, a second line of breaks are made using the same drilled holes. It is also recommended to rotate the tool so that it breaks the pieces at a 45 degree angle. 

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Saving part of bridge or slab

To remove a part of bridge deck or slab, a ram or other impact tools can be used to break some sections of the concrete.

As impact tools will cause small cracks in all directions, it is recommended to end the impact demolition about 20" from the final demolition line.

To safely remove the remaining section, the following method will eliminate impact damage.

  1. Drill a series of holes about 18 inches apart along the cut line. Using several hydraulic splitters in line, the break can be controlled along the cut line without cracks running into the area that is to used.

2. To have a straight, clean line, the bridge deck can be sawed to a depth of 2inches. Holes are then drilled on the outside of this sawed line(see drawing).When the hydraulic splitters are used, the break will follow the saw line and a clean, even break will result.

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