How to use the Mono Strand Jack?

The Mono Strand jack is connected to the oil pump through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the professional electrician connects the oil pump to the power source through the power cord.
Jack dry running
Turn on the oil pump and run it for no less than 3 minutes (please refer to the oil pump manual for operation of the oil pump).
The jack piston reciprocates no less than 3 times. If there is crawling, it can be increased to 6 times. If there is crawling, stop the pump for inspection and analyze the reason.
When the jack and the oil pump system are calibrated and before tensioning, the jack must be run dry. After everything is normal, you can enter the calibration and tensioning work.

mono strand jack

Calibration is carried out in a unit approved/authorized by the relevant state departments. Operators are qualified for post.
The calibration procedure is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the unit undertaking the calibration.

Note: The tool clip and the tool ring cone hole are coated with wax. Mono Strand Jack