Hydraulic wire sawing--Beaded rope

Hydraulic wire saw has a good prospect in mining, special-shaped stone processing and construction market. It is very likely that in the near future, instead of sand saws, hard stone slabs will be replaced.

Hydraulic wire saw-01  hydraulic wire saw-02

Based on the theoretical relationship between the average cutting depth of a single abrasive grain and the sawing parameters in the sawing arc zone of the bead wire, the effects of sawing parameters on the sawing force and sawing energy consumption were studied using single factor and orthogonal methods. The results show that the average cutting depth of a single abrasive grain has nothing to do with the sawing length, but increases with the increase of the feed rate or the decrease of the linear velocity. The feed rate has a greater effect on the sawing force and power than the line speed and the sawing length. The material removal method in the sawing process has a volumetric crushing. Appropriately increasing the depth of the abrasive grain is beneficial to increase the volumetric crushing proportion and thus reduce the sawing specific energy; but increasing the depth of cut of the abrasive particle directly narrows the tool-workpiece contact surface. The dynamic chip space increases the friction resistance effect of cuttings, and the difficulty of chip removal in the long arc zone has a significant impact on sawing force and energy consumption. The correct choice of sawing process parameters, especially the feed rate, is crucial for the control of sawing force and energy consumption and the balance of the dynamic chip space.

Beads are often made of sintered or brazed strings with long service life, sintered beads and injection-molded beads. As shown in Fig.1, the sintered beads produced by our hospital and the beaded rope made of plastics have been promoted in the country and are welcomed by users. The method of fixing with a spring and then casting the plastic has a better use effect, but the manufacturing process is more complicated and the cost is increased accordingly. The bead manufacturing method and the fixing method have a strong correspondence relationship with its application range. See Table 1. Table 1 Production Characteristics and Application of Diamond Beaded Rope Production Method Fixed Method Application Range The plating process is simple and efficient.