Introduction of Concrete floor grinder



What are  Concrete Floor grinders?
Floor grinders are surface preparation machines which are used for many applications such as levelling, coating removal and preparation for new coatings on substrates, such as concrete and asphalt.
How do they work?
Concrete Floor grinders use a horizontal rotating disc to perform a multitude of tasks; commonly fitted with diamonds or other hard abrasives they can be used to level, smooth and clean the surface.
Ranging in size from single-disc units for working in small or restricted areas, to dual and triple disc machines for high production grinding of large slabs.
All Trelawny machines are equipped with vacuum ports for dust-free dry grinding and include a water attachment for wet grinding.
What applications can they be used for?
Grinders can serve multiple functions and are generally more adaptable than other types of surface preparation equipment, especially when it comes to decorative work. They are a good solution for the profiling of floors before applications of thin coatings or paints because they won’t create ridges in the surface, a common feature of scarifying and shot blasting.
Other applications include breaking up deposits of grease, dirt and industrial contaminants and levelling uneven joints or high spots. Many contractors also use grinders with finer grit abrasives to polish concrete surfaces.
What attachments can be fitted?
Trelawny supplies a wide range of diamond tooling options to suit many applications. PCD and coarse grit diamonds are ideal for the fast removal of many coatings and overlays. Medium grit diamonds can be used to level and profile the surface in preparation for new coatings. Fine grit and resin tooling are used to produce fine finishes all the way through to a highly decorative polished finished.

Why have different bonds of diamond?
The diamond bond refers to the matrix in which the diamond grit is held in. This metal bond comes in various hardness to suit the substrate that is being worked. A soft bond diamond would be used on a harder substrate, a hard bond on a softer more abrasive substrate. This element is key to the performance of the diamond tool, too hard and the production will be poor, too soft and the lifespan will be significantly reduced.
What is QR tooling?
QR tooling is Trelawny’s quick release system for fast changing of diamond tooling. Using simple slide on segments, a full set of diamonds can be changed in seconds. Magnets embedded in the plates make attachment and securing of the tools a simple job. The system adds an additional level of flexibility to your Trelawny grinder by allowing the removal or addition of diamond tools to vary the pressure and performance.
Why is grinding pressure important?
Grinding pressure is the downforce exerted on the diamond tools, reducing the number of segments will increase the grinding pressure. This can be useful when working on particularly hard surfaces or when greater productivity is required. Of course, less diamonds will create a coarser finish with more marking along with increased wear so performance should be judged on a range of factors including pressure, speed, grit, bond and the required level of productivity and finish.
What is the difference between a rotary grinder and a planetary grinder?
A rotary grinder uses single or twin fixed position rotating discs, they are simple and robust machines ideal for heavy duty applications such as levelling or coating removal.
Planetary grinders use an advanced planetary grinding system with 3 planetary heads attached to a main rotation disc. The planetary system gives full coverage of the grinding head area and the random overlapping movement of the discs makes level grinding very simple for the operator. They are best for fine grinding and polishing, or where maximum performance is required over a large area.
Why is Dust control so important? 
Dust control, along with the obvious health implications of breathing in silica-laden dust, which is certainly the most serious consideration, using a high-quality dust collector is critical in achieving a properly prepared surface, reducing consumable usage and saving precious manpower and time. All of our machines are fitted with dust ports and we supply machines to suit all models.
Who uses Concrete Floor grinders?
The market for these machines is wide, from specialist and general contractors to small builders and domestic projects, Trelawny can supply a machine to suit. An ideal rental machine due to the flexibility and range of potential applications, Trelawny grinders are a core part of our distributors range.