Introduction of Pneumatic Grouting Pump for Coal Mine

Pneumatic grouting pump is mainly used for grouting and coagulation engineering of grouting and water blocking memory of broken rock formations in mines, subways, tunnels, water conservancy, construction, etc., and can also be used for pre-grouting of working faces adapted to mines.

The Pneumatic Grouting Pump adopts pneumatic transmission, is small in size, light in weight, can be steplessly adjusted, and can be automatically adjusted at constant pressure. It is reliable in use and suitable for underground operations. It can be used safely in places where it is flammable, explosive, strong magnetism, radiation, dusty, temperature changes, and water.


Features of Pneumatic Grouting Pump

①Using compressed air as power, no power supply, intrinsically safe;
②Small size, light weight and convenient transportation;
③Infinitely variable speed can be realized by controlling the air intake volume, and it is convenient to control the slurry output flow;
④Using dual output mode, it can realize dual slurry conveying;
⑤By changing the diameter of the plunger, the output of the double slurry can be achieved in different proportions.