Lubricating sense for hydraulic rock splitter

Lubricating knowledge for hydraulic rock splitter:

Operation without or with insufficient lubrication usually leads to the cold welding of the splitting head and possibly to the destruction of the splitter! 

Before using  hydraulic rock splitter, check whether the pressure surfaces of the splitting wedge and the pressure pieces are sufficiently lubricated! Lubricate the pressure surfaces at the latest after 3 to 5 splittings! Solely use the Darda special lubricant paste! 

Procedure for lubrication: 

Spread the splitting head with a screw driver or similar instrument and use a spatula to apply a thin layer of Darda special lubricant paste on the pressure surfaces and pressure pieces and the splitting wedge.

hydraulic rock splitter-09a  hydraulic rock splitter-09b

Advantages of lubricant paste: 

– The special lubricant paste is the result of many years of experience. 

– Significant reduction of the high frictional forces. Maximum achievable splitting force (splitting force with conventional lubricants 20 - 50 % lower). 

– Lower wear and replacement part needs and thus cost savings.