Maintenance for pneumatic slurry pump

1. The pneumatic slurry pump air source dyad should use lubrication oil, and substitution of other type of oil is prohibited.

2. Maximum pressure of main pneumatic system is not more than 0.8MPa.

3. Drop machine oil in the moving parts of reversing mechanism during operation.

4. After injecting slurry, pump takes in and drains off clean water to wash slurry vat and flowing part until slurry pipe outflows clean water.

5. All moving parts should be daubed by butter, and valve port of slurry suction and slurry drainage and valve ball should be daubed by butter when placed for a long time.

6. Before use each time, jog motor and observe the veering direction. Inversion will burn down the oil pump.

7. Often check whether the U-shaped clips of all high-pressure hose are loose in order to prevent hose and joint from dropping and hurting people.

8. Notice: 1) Use the available safe symbol of mining products and the matching parts in the period of validity when exchanging the standard matching parts. 2) The maximum regulating pressure of air system reducing valve can not be more than 0.8Mpa.

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