Maintenance of prestressed tensioning jack

1, in order to ensure the accuracy of the tension force of the prestressed jack, we should periodically calibrate the tension output system (Jack and oil meter), and make charts or charts.

Draw the curve, as the basis of tensioning, when the following cases occur, the hydraulic system should be re calibrated.

The jacks were dismantled and repaired

Reenable the jack for a long time

Damage or replacement of pressure gauge

The period of demarcation in excess of the relevant state regulations

2, 32# or 46# hydraulic oil should be used in summer, and 32# hydraulic oil should be used in winter. Oil should be kept clean, regular filtration and regular replacement. Hydraulic oil

The poor quality hydraulic oil must not be used.

3. When connecting the oil pipe and the jack of the oil jack, the interface should be cleaned and cleaned. Pay attention to dust prevention and strictly prevent sand and dust from entering the jack, and minimize disassembly and disassembly.

The number of times.

post tensioning hydraulic jack

Hydraulic Stressing Jack.jpg

4. When the new oil pipe is used for the first time, do not connect directly with the jack oil nozzle. It should be cleaned in advance and the oil pump output from the oil pump can be washed behind. After unloading the tubing, Jack

And the oil nozzle of the oil pump should be added to the dust cap to prevent the mixing of the sludge.

5, YCW series Hydraulic Stressing Jack piston and through sleeve cavity should always check whether the foreign body fall into must keep the cavity clean. After the work is finished, the piston should be returned to the end.

6, before use, we should check whether the positioning nut is loose before and after the jack, whether the screw teeth are fully screwed in place, otherwise, they should be stopped until they are repaired.

Monostrand Hydraulic Jack

Mono Strand Pulling Jack.jpg

In the use of oil leaking, piston surface scratches, such as the phenomenon, should be stopped, immediately after maintenance can be used.

7, the user to disassemble this jack, I suggest you use special assembly tools and equipment supporting the flaring sleeve. The flaring sleeve piston for rectangular ring, glyd ring of installation,

The assembly is used to load the piston into the oil cylinder. The use of the special assembly tool will make your assembly easy and easy.

Flat Jack Lock Nut Cylinder

Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack.jpg

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