Operation preparation for Floor grinder——12 heads

- May 08, 2019-

Preparation before start up floor grinder

1. Must be connected with electric protector, and earthing.

2. Cables must not be damaged or damaged. Wires need to use national standard 8 square meters and above

3. Adjust the height of the operating handle so that the machine can be pulled down to the best state. Pull the handle down and raise the whole base.

4. Whether the discs of the hand disc are flexible, check whether the fastening bolts are loose, and check whether the gaps of the discs are even.

5. The bottom of the machine is magnetic, only need to adsorb the diamond tool or the adapter that absorbs the adhesive resin grinding disc.

6. Check if the machine leaks when lying flat or vertical.

7. Check whether the indicator light ( on the back) is on after power-on, and the panel parameters are displayed normally.

8. If dry grinding, please connect the vacuum cleaner and connect to the suction port to ensure that the suction pipe has no air leakage. If wet grinding, be sure to full fill the floor with water. Do not only wet the floor in order to reduce dust, so that the resistance during the flooding process is abnormal and the motor load is overloaded.

9. Turn on the start switch and run from low speed to high speed to see if the machine is running smoothly. The speed is adjusted according to the ground conditions, and the general condition is 800-1800 rpm. Remember not to polish at low speed, especially on extremely poor ground. Low speed may won’t work,that causing the motor to overheat and burn out.

floor grinder-0a

concrete floor grinder-02