Points for choosing thread rolling machine accessories

First, the specifications of the accessories refer to the auxiliary parts of the random equipment. Although models have different specifications, the more common standard equipment components are the memory and feeder. Of course, the size of the memory and the capacity of the paper feeder are different for different models. You can check the condition of the standard equipment by referring to the product description. If the standard equipment is short, it will affect the use and function of the goods to some extent.

 Secondly, optional accessories refer to components that can enhance cargo functions and enhance cargo functions in addition to standard equipment. Unlike standard equipment, the use of optional accessories does not affect the basic functionality of the product. There are many types of optional accessories, and different optional products that are not supported by the same product. Therefore, when purchasing optional accessories, check the product description beforehand to avoid purchasing.

 The principle of cold rolling small involute splines on the rolling mill. L, R are a pair of involute rollers with the same parameters, which are respectively installed on the two main shafts of the thread rolling machine, and can be synchronously rotated in the same direction under the driving mechanism. The R wheel can be driven by a cylinder for radial feed motion, and the L wheel can be adjusted to coincide with the indentation of the R wheel on the outer surface of the workpiece P through an adjustment structure. The workpiece P is clamped by two. Hole. The adjustment fixture can move the workpiece axially. When a force is applied, it can swing to an angle of Φ at point O around an axis parallel to the machine tool spindle to ensure that the workpiece is held during the cold rolling of the two rollers. This condition also facilitates clamping the workpiece.