Replacing the splitting wedge

- Jul 02, 2018-

Replacing the splitting wedge of hydraulic rock splitter:

hydraulic rock splitter-06abhydraulic rock splitter-06ac

Fig. 6-2-2 - 1 Replacing the splitting wedge

Remove both pressure pieces as described on the previous page. 

Extend the splitting wedge (2) completely (operating lever in position F). 

Switch off the hydraulic aggregate and protect it against accidental startup! 

Remove the screw (1) and the plastic cap (3) on the opposite side (fig. A). 

Bang the bolt (4) with a mandrel (5) and a hammer out of the wedge head (fig. B). 

Pull the splitting wedge out of the splitting cylinder. 

Assemble another splitting wedge in the reverse order. Using the splitting wedge with a not completely inserted bolt leads to damage or destruction of the splitting cylinder! 

Before hydraulic rock splitter, close the screw opening by completely tightening the screw (1). 

Assemble the pressure pieces as described in the previous chapter.