Safety technical measures for two-liquid grouting pump

- May 05, 2019-

1 Grouting should determine the water pressure in time to determine the grouting pressure.

2 The grouting machine should be set on the working surface for excellent grouting during grouting.

3 In the process of grouting, the water leakage condition of the water point and surrounding joint cracks should be investigated at any time. If the appearance of slurry, slurry leakage, etc., the technical measures such as external plugging, intermittent grouting and thick slurry should be adopted for timely disposal.

4 If the intermittent grouting method is used during grouting, the intermittent moment should be slightly shorter than the gelation time of the slurry.

5 Injecting potassium permanganate color water into the grouting hole before grouting to investigate the water pressure experiment and record the briquette point adjacent to the grouting hole and use the cotton wool to timely seal with the grouting pump.

double spraying machine-002