scope of application of high pressure grouting machine

- May 06, 2019-

The scope of application of high pressure grouting machine is as follows:

1. Sealing and sealing of cracks, expansion joints, construction joints and structural joints of various buildings and underground concrete works.

2. Drilling and retaining wall sealing and reinforcement of geological drilling engineering.

3. The dam body grouting of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the cracks in the water conveyance tunnel are blocked, the seepage prevention, and the concrete cracks of the dam body are anti-seepage reinforcement.

4. Subways, ramps, culverts, sewage treatment tanks, seepage cracks in the cracks, and water plugging.

5. Basement, underground garage, underground passage, sluice cracks leaking water, with water plugging.

6. Roof cracks, wall pipes, corners, leaking water, water plugging.

7. Broken Structures, beams, columns, plate structure cracks, high pressure injection of epoxy resin.

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