Several grouting methods commonly used in grouting pumps

- May 06, 2019-

Our common grouting pump methods include pressure grouting, high-pressure jet grouting, and anchor grouting. The grouting holes are rectangular and plum-shaped. The spacing is determined by the soil and foundation form, usually not less than 1.5m. The key technology of the slurry lies in the non-destructive continuous detection of the depth of grouting and the consistency of the slurry, as well as the reasonable pressure of the soil medium state and density. The anchor grouting also depends on the drawing effect after the anchoring of the anchor. It is recommended to use a 200 grout pump for low pressure and small flow, and a grout pump for backfilling curtains! Jrd300 is optional! If the construction area is too narrow, the self-contained type grouting machine is used.

The grouting pump uses double pump and two liquid mixing grouting. The flow of the slurry is controlled by a flow meter. The drilling rig can only be drilled through hard soil, and the grouting pipe can be directly driven into the soft soil layer. For the inclined holes, in order to prevent the train from colliding and causing the drilling to collapse, the holes for the holes that have been drilled but not timely grouted are protected by steel pipes. Normally, after a section of drilling is completed, the grouting pipe is immediately grouted, and a stop valve is installed at the orifice. After all the holes are completed, the hole is sealed with cement mortar and backfilled to the orifice.

Cement grouting pump-01