start-up and operation procedure of cement spraying machine

- Apr 19, 2019-

Operating cement spraying machine is a serious matter. Whether it is starting or grouting, it must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. The relevant procedures for the start-up and grouting of the grouting machine are as follows:

First, starting procedure

1. The signal must be heard before starting the machine. The nozzle of the grouting machine is not allowed to be aimed at people;

2. Strictly observe the feeding procedure after starting the machine first, and debug the machine to the best condition before the material can be grouted;

3. Start-up and commissioning should be carried out slowly to prevent the slurry from being sprayed everywhere due to the rupture of the grouting pipe.

Second, grouting procedures

1. Adjust the water-cement ratio when grouting, keep the grouting nozzle perpendicular to the grouting surface, and keep the distance of lm from the grouting surface;

2, grouting should be in accordance with the internal and external, from the bottom up, spiral path, a circle of pressure according to the operating procedures;

3. When the water leakage is serious, it should be based on the main line, the combination of discharge and discharge, and the principle of combining first and last injection;

4. After the grouting or spraying is finished, the feeding should be stopped first. After the stock in the material tank of the grouting machine is exhausted, the power is shut down again.

Start and grout according to the regulations, so as not to damage your grouting machine, to ensure successful grouting.

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