Steel bending head and rebar bending machine|invention

Steel bending head and rebar bending machine

The invention provides a steel bending head and a steelbar bending machine. Rebar bending hoop head, including: mounting seat, support plate, mandrel, torsion head, gear shaft, clamping block and driving mechanism. Mounting bracket and supporting plate are arranged on the mounting seat, and the gear shaft is rotatably connected to the mounting frame. The torsion head is fixed on the gear shaft, the torsion head shaft and the mandrel are arranged side by side, the clamping block is located below the mandrel and is vertically slidably connected to the mounting seat; the drive mechanism includes a main oil cylinder, a slide bar and a first vertical tooth The bar, the second vertical rack, the horizontal rack, the gear and the clamping cylinder, the sliding rod is slidably connected to the end of the main cylinder piston rod, the first vertical rack is fixed on the sliding rod, and the first vertical rack Meshing with the gear shaft, the second vertical rack and the horizontal rack are meshed with the gear; the main oil cylinder is also provided with a mounting plate; a spring is arranged between the lower end of the second straight rack and the mounting plate, and the clamping cylinder and the clamp are Tight block connection. Reduce manufacturing costs and simplify the control process.

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