The characteristics of the electric splitter

1. Security

The splitter's controllability in a static hydraulic environment does not create some hazards like blasting machines and other impact demolition and rock drilling equipment; no complicated safety measures are required.

2. Environmental protection

When the splitter works, it will not produce vibration, shock, noise, dust, flying debris, etc. The surrounding environment is unaffected, even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as next to precision equipment.

3. Economics

The splitter can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously and without interruption, with high efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs, without the need for isolation or other time-consuming and expensive Anren measures like blasting operations.

4. Accuracy

Unlike most of the removal methods and equipment for the flow, the splitter can accurately determine the split direction, the split shape, and the size of the required portion in advance, with high splitting accuracy.

5. Applicability

The humanized shape design and durable structure design of the splitter ensure that the method of use is simple and easy to learn, only requires single operation, convenient maintenance and long service life; the splitting machine and the hydraulic pump station are very convenient to carry.

Excavator-Mounted-Big-Power-Hydraulic-Rock-Splitter (1)