The sequence about turning off cement mortar spraying machine

- May 30, 2019-

Just like we usually switch computers, some people pay attention to the order, but some people are very unconscious. After a long time, you will find that computers that are switched in order are longer than other computers. The same reason, When we use the shotcrete sprayer, we must also pay attention to the order of the switch!

First stoping material, stoping the material is to stop feeding to the spray machine, in the case of normal operation of the spray machine, the residual material in the spray machine and the pipeline is consumed; then the water is stopped, the water stop is prevented in the absence of In the case of wind pressure, water flows into the pipeline; when power is cut off, the power failure stops the operation of the shotcrete machine; finally, the wind is turned off, and the wind is turned off to make the remaining materials in the sprayer and the pipeline run out, keeping the pipeline unblocked. If it is not carried out in the above order, water will flow into the spray line, and the remaining material will block the spray machine or the pipeline, so that the next shift cannot be used normally. Therefore, we must pay attention to these details when using, so that the work can be carried out better and the equipment life will last longer!

cement mortar spraying machine-001