The use of mud pumps|BW250 Triplex Mud Pump|BW150 mud pump well drilling

1.check before starting mud pump:

  1.1 each connection should be fastened;

  1.2 electric rotation direction should be correct;

  1.3 clutch flexible and reliable;

  1.4 the pipe connection is firm, the seal is reliable, the bottom valve is flexible and effective.

2. the mud pump must be installed on a stable foundation or foundation and should not be loosened.

3. Before starting, the suction pipe, the bottom valve and the pump body must be filled with water, and the top of the pressure meter buffer should be filled with oil.

4. the mud content in the mud should not exceed 10%.

5. During operation, attention should be paid to the sealing condition of each sealing device, and adjustments should be made when necessary. Pull rods and auxiliary rods should always be lubricated with oil.

6. Turn the piston by hand to make the piston reciprocate twice. If there is no obstruction and the line is well insulated, it can be started without load. After starting, the load will be gradually increased until it is normal. Import Pump Valve Industrial Washer

7. there are several speeds of mud pump to make the splash lubrication and reliable, each shift should be run in a few speeds, respectively, the time is not less than 30 seconds.

8. It is forbidden to change the speed during operation. When the speed change is required, the pump should be stopped.

9. the abnormal sound or water in operation, the pressure is not normal or there is a clear high temperature should stop pump inspection.

10. Under normal circumstances, the pump should be stopped at no load. When the pump is stopped for a long time, the water discharge hole must be fully opened, and the cylinder head must be released. The bottom valve draining rod should be lifted and all the mud and sand in the pump body and pipeline should be drained.

11. For long-term decommissioning, all parts should be thoroughly cleaned of silt and grease, the crankcase oil should be drained, and rust and corrosion prevention measures should be taken.