The working principle of the mono strand jack

The the mono strand jack adopting the structure of "the piston is stationary and the cylinder body is moving", when the prestress is applied, the jack piston and the tension scale are still, the outer cylinder liner, the core sleeve, the tool anchor, etc. move backward relative to the jack piston, and the tool anchor and tool holder The sheet clamps the steel strand for tensioning. After reaching the required prestress value, the oil is returned, the outer cylinder liner, the core sleeve, etc. are reset, and the working clamp sheet and working anchor are automatically anchored to complete the tensioning process.

mono strand jack

When the mono strand jack is installed in place, first screw the tool anchor into the inner thread of the core sleeve and ensure that all threads of the tool anchor are evenly stressed. Rotate the tool anchor to make the hole position correspond to the hole position of the limit plate. The steel strand is smoothly passed through to realize the synchronous installation and quick positioning of the jack and the tool anchor; when the front jack is installed, the tool anchor plate is closer to the limit plate, and the distance is about 150mm (the distance between ordinary jacks is about 600mm ), to improve the concentric accuracy of the limit plate and the tool anchor after installation, avoid the twisting of the steel strand in the jack, ensure the uniform force of the steel strand, and reduce the occurrence of slippage and wire breakage during the tensioning process Probability to improve the quality of tension.