types of drilling rigs

- Jul 10, 2018-

Description of drilling rigs:

What is a Rig

A rig is a device , which is used to penetrate through the earth to a certain depth underground to

exploit minerals for human consumption.

Types of Rigs

1. Cable and tool percussive drilling (percussion )

2. Rotary drill rig (schramn, xu 600 , pilcon, Romanian, Diamond)

3. Percussive rotary drill rig (schramn, aquadrll etc )

4. Core rotary drill rigs(, xu 600, pilcon, diamond)

5. Reverse circulation rotary drill rigs (Romanian)

DTH drill-01rs  DTH drilling-09ui


a. Rotary Rigs ; This type of rig is designed to drill by applying rotation to the drilling

head driven by hydraulic oil pressure, which eventually drives the drilling string to

rotate . Bits like roller , alloyed bit and short bits are used.

b. Percussive Rotary Rigs; In this type of rig the rotation application is quite the

same , except that the bit is connected

c. Cable and tool Percussive Rig; This type of drilling method is accomplished by

regular lifting and dropping of a strings of tools. This phenomenon is aided by means of

connecting rod crank mechanism of oscillating movement to the locker frame. The

rocker frame ,the drum with a rope, which has the connection to the pulley and drilling


d. Core Rotary Rigs ; In this type of rig the drilling method is to drill and take out

cores instead of rocks dust ( rock cuttings ) Hollow bit and core barrel are used drilling


e. Reverse Circulation Method; In this method of drilling, setting of the circulation

system is reversible, that means the fluid flows hydraulically in the well, and then the

cuttings are uplifted inside the drill pipe up to the swivel where the sucktion hose is

connected to let out cuttings to the pump which eventually pumps the cuttings out to the

mud pit.