What are the assembled parts of grouting and spraying machine?

The whole grouting spraying machine is assembled from many parts. What components are assembled? Let me give you an introduction.

1, reducer

2. Motor (5.5KW, 7.5KW)

3, upper and lower sealing plate

4, upper and lower steel liner

5, the rotor body

6, grouting machine cyclone

7, hopper and bucket seat

8, vibrator

9, pressing mechanism (four each)

10, grouting electrical control box assembly

11. Walking device (by four casters and two casters, eight 206 bearings and one pull)

12, limit seat

13, rotor body cavity (ten each)

14, the wind divider

15, grouting duct

16, wind ball valve

17, grouting machine special grouting pipe

18, grouting pipe quick connector

19, high pressure spray gun

The grouting spraying machine is assembled from the above components. The quality of these components directly determines the performance and service life of the grouting machine.

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