What are the characteristics and advantages of the cement mortar sprayer?

- May 05, 2019-

In order to make the construction of the building easier and faster, advanced equipment plays an important role, not only can speed up the construction progress, but also strengthen the construction quality. A cement mortar sprayer is a good example. Shotcrete machine, straight through rotor type non-bonded material cavity, smooth discharge, high efficiency and time saving; four-point elastic compensation compaction, good sealing effect, less dust near the machine, long life of wearing parts; low-pressure high-speed vortex airflow Overcoming the problems of bonding, plugging and pulse folding in material transportation, the flow is uniform and continuous and stable; the new nozzle and the discharge elbow device improve the spraying effect, less rebound and high quality of the spray coating. The machine chassis can be assembled into a tire type, a sliding type and a rail gauge of various gauges.

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