What are the difference between the sprayer and the wet sprayer?

- May 06, 2019-

Everyone has heard about the shotcrete machine and the wet spray machine. The difference between them is there:

The shotcrete machine is a new type of high-efficiency shotcreting machine, which is mainly suitable for concrete shotcreting of 5m*5m section roadway. The equipment uses a concrete pump to transport concrete to the nozzle of the robot through a pipe, and uses compressed air with a quick-setting agent to spray the concrete onto the wall of the roadway to be sprayed. It has reasonable structure, humanized design, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. No dust, low noise and low rebound rate during work. The machine greatly reduces the dust concentration near the machine and the nozzle, improves the working environment of the workers, and reduces the pneumoconiosis caused by the dust.

wet spraying machine

The shotcrete machine is divided into two types: dry spray machine and wet spray machine. The dry spray machine is replaced by PZ code. The wet spray machine is replaced by SP, which is driven by the motor to rotate the rotor. Referring to the rotor type spray machine, let's take a look at it. The difference between the scope of application and the holding of the sprayer (dry sprayer and wet sprayer) is:

Dry spray machine scope and characteristics:

As a tidal-type shotcrete machine, it is suitable for iron (gong) road ramps, high-rise buildings and diversion culverts. The machine is simple in structure and easy to operate and maintain. A unique hold-down device automatically compensates when the seal plate wears. The 10 cavities in the rotor are made of special rubber and shaken under the action of wind to form self-cleaning to prevent material adhesion.

Automatic wet mortar sprayer24

Wet spray machine scope and characteristics:

The wet concrete jet machine is mainly used for the iron (gong) road tunnel project. The equipment is easy to operate, low in dust, less rebound, protects the environment, and improves the quality of the spray layer. The special vibration hopper allows the concrete to enter the batching system smoothly. The standard metering pump can accurately add the quick-setting agent to the low-pressure low-speed vortex airflow, and the working principle of short-range injection overcomes the problems of plugging, pulse, and separation, etc., making the jet stream uniform and stable. Improve the spray material.

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