What is a Rock Splitter

- Sep 18, 2020-

Rock splitter, also known as splitting machine, is a machine used for splitting materials. It is mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, and ore mining.

   Rock Splitter The structure of the splitting machine is mainly composed of hydraulic station, oil pipeline, splitting gun, chip and so on. According to the type of power station, it can be divided into four types: electric type, diesel type, gasoline type and pneumatic motor. According to the material of the split gun, it can be divided into two types: steel split gun and aluminum alloy split gun. It can also be classified according to the power of the split gun.

hydraulic rock splitters unit SMALL

   Splitting machine is divided into hand held rock splitting machine, hydraulic piston splitting machine,ultra large hydraulic splitting machine, etc. summer@ztmineequipment.com

  The splitting machine is composed of two parts: a hydraulic power station and a splitting gun. The splitting machine is driven by the ultra-high pressure oil output from the pumping station to generate a huge driving force, and after mechanical amplification, the split object can be split in a predetermined direction. The hydraulic station supplies 60Mpa hydraulic oil to the split gun. The split gun can generate tens of tons of thrust. The splitter pushes the chip to expand on both sides, and the expansion force can reach hundreds of tons, so that the object is split and separated from the inside. The splitting machine is mainly used for construction stone mining operations: the second disintegration of large ore (metallic ores, non-metallic minerals); partial and complete demolition of concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and building components), and the traditional Compared with the operation mode, the splitter has a series of advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation, high operation efficiency, low cost, safety, energy saving, and energy saving management.